16th Feb – The Day When I Hustled with my whole team !!!

Today, 16th Feb 2017 would be the day that I will not forget for long.

The reason is unobvious as you smelled from the title itself.

Today, I had a great hustle and unwanted talks with my team for some small issues.

I agree it was my fault for some point too. If some of my colleagues or employees are reading this post, then please forgive me.

Actually, 16th date is not good for me from long.

I remember some people had tried to rob some relatives on 16th too, 16th had also been marked as black days by many countries too.

The fights and quarrel happened today were for the design and content for some our projects, one was for login and other was 192.168.l.l site issues.

Lastly I conveyed my team for the issues and concerns for designs and speed of sites for full stop punctuation.